Evil Genius 2 is the follow up to the 2004 management game, heavily influenced by the 60s spy thriller genre. The game allows players to become their own supervillain with the goal of taking over the world.

As a UI designer on the project, my role included the creation of graphic assets ranging from iconography & wireframes to design audits & full screen layouts. I had ownership of a few key screens in the game, namely the global operations page, the statistics page, photo mode, and the doomsday devices. ​​​​​​​Once the designs/user flows were approved, I would integrate them into our in-house game engine using the built-in visual scripting tool.
Evil Genius 2 was developed by Rebellion Developments. 
Studio Art Director: Ian Pestridge
UI Lead: Olly Klinkenberg
Senior UI Artist: Jonah Buckley
Additional UI work: Imre Fulop, Chris Johnson
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