Double Cross (in development)
Double Cross is a local multiplayer game, pitting players against one another in a populated arena.
One player is randomly selected as a spy, and will need to eliminate a target. The spy will need to blend in with the civilians that populate the level and find the perfect time to strike, as well as escape from the target area. The remaining players will need to defend the target, with the aid of various traps. The gameplay is fast paced, with rounds lasting between 1 and 2 minutes.
The art direction is heavily influenced by the Grindhouse genre, as well as the work of Quentin Tarantino and Robert Rodriguez.
This is a project I am working on in my spare time, building from scratch in Unity.
Skavengers (in development)
Skavengers is a third person shooter, with roguelike strategic elements.
Drawing inspiration from games such as FTL and Freedom Fighters, Skavengers is a challenging journey where every tactical decision matters. One bad decision could lead to the player losing squadmates, resources, or dying. 
The game takes place in a post-apocalyptic setting where the player has to scavenge for supplies, fight enemies, and return home to safety. The game is influenced by the Mad Max movies, and all the characters are anthropomorphic animals scavenging to survive. 
This is a project I have been working on in my spare time. With the help of the Unity Asset Store, I have been able to build a prototype and focus on creating the art and gameplay mechanics for the game. 
Early art test, defining colour schemes. Characters are placeholders.
Early squad based movement test:
Time of day lighting and colour test:
Putt the Planets is a scientifically accurate mini-golf game, set in an alternate history timeline. The original game was released on mobile devices. The team from Eduweb got in touch with me, and asked me to head up a redesign of the brand and UI elements throughout the game. 
A large influence on the art direction was the "Atomic Age", a mid-century graphic design style that glamourises the era of aviation and space travel.
The Royal Wave was created during the 2017 Global Game Jam, in collaboration with Geoff Burrows from Zero Degrees Games. The theme of the Jam was "Waves". I programmed the gameplay, as well as created the UI art.
Britain’s greatest monarch has been cracked out of cryostasis for a special procession! As The Queen, it is your job to wave to your loyal subjects, but every type of subject needs a unique wave – peasants are happy with the classic Polite Wave, but hippies respond best to a Peace Sign, whereas metalheads appreciate The Horns more than anything. Whatever gesture you choose, never stop rotating that wrist! And don’t disappoint your subjects, lest they turn sour and choose to end your reign!
Ludum Dynamics is a first-person narrative exploration experience set in one room (technically). It was made for the Ludum Dare 37 Jam by five team members: Travis Bulford (programming), Nico Schoeman (programming), Kobus Van Der Walt (programming), Geoff Burrows (3D art), and myself (2D and UI art). 
Greetings, social networking diploma graduate, and congratulations on your fine choice to turn your love of social networking into An Exciting Career™! 
At Ludum Dynamics, we are always on the search for young, talented individuals such as yourself to Grab Life By The Horns™ and Be The Change You Want To See In The World™!

Among the Innocent is a first-person adventure thriller game set in the Free State, South Africa. The game was developed by Geoff Burrows of Zero Degrees Games. I created UI art, as well as various 3D environment art around the game world.
Among the Innocent is the first of five instalments in the Stricken series, each exploring a stage in the Kübler-Ross model for dealing with grief and loss. In this epic series, players will be challenged in a rich narrative experience that spans multiple decades and storylines. The Stricken series blends elements of classic point-and-click adventures with modern first-person games, and delivers a mature story for players who long for intrigue.

SaBOBtage was created at the Global Game Jam 2016, in collaboration with Geoff Burrows from Zero Degrees Games. I was responsible for 2D/3D art, as well as some basic programming.
Ruin Bob's day by messing with his daily morning ritual. Interact with the room to see how badly you can wreck his morning.

Skadonk Showdown was selected to be exhibited at the pop-up arcades in Alexandra and Soweto for the Amaze festival in 2015. It was selected again the following year to be showcased at the main Amaze festival exhibition. I programmed the game with some help from the asset store, as well as created the 2D/3D artwork.
Battle Arena Drones (unreleased)
BAD is a full 6-axis multiplayer space shooter, currently in production with Celestial Games
The game is still very early in production, and most of the art will change as the game evolves. I have been heading up the art direction and general look and feel of the game, as well as rolling out 2D and UI assets.
The game was created in my spare time, self-published and distributed on Google Play, iTunes and the Windows Phone store. It was selected as Yoyogames’ showcase Game of the Month in June, and was voted by the community as the runner-up to the Game of the Year 2014 competition. I programmed the game, designed the UI and came up with the art direction of the game.
Take control of the skies in this 2D retro-aerial dogfighting game. Step into the cockpit of an ace pilot in the golden era of aviation, and destroy the invading forces. Featuring arcade style gameplay, the game is easy to learn yet difficult to master.

The Sound and the Fury
Created in a hack-a-thon while working at Hellocomputer, “The Sound and the Fury” was selected to be shown at the Amaze festival in Johannesburg. The gameplay required the player to use various musical instruments to be able to take control of the player. I programmed the game, and created some of the UI Art.
In a world where music is a crime, you must fight the violence of the silence using musical instruments as your weapons to save the music, and humanity. 

Transference was created at the Global Game Jam 2016, where players could manipulate other NPC's on the map to help get them to the end of the level. I programmed the game, and designed the 2D art.
Take control of the skie's in Blazin' Aces; a retro fuelled, aerial dogfighting game. Shoot, bomb and dodge your way to victory in this 8-bit inspired shooter. This was my first stab at creating a game from start to finish, and was selected for the first Amaze festival in South Africa. I programmed the game and drew all the sprites.
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