Sniper Elite 5 is the latest instalment in the award-winning series. Players take the role of allied sniper Karl Fairburne as he makes his way through France during World War 2, uncovering and putting and end to a secret weapon named Project Kraken.

Stepping in as acting Lead UI roughly 6 months before release, my main role was to manage a team of UI/UX designers, artists and technical designers to get the UI polished and ready for submission.

Alongside managing the team I further iterated and improved upon the UI art direction, focusing on creating a cohesive UI across the game. In addition I designed and implemented the first time user setup, implemented partial install/Playgo functionality, reworked the campaign, co-op and online/offline multiplayer flow, as well as a implemented bug fixes in the lead up to our submission date.
Sniper Elite 5 was developed by Rebellion Developments. 
Art Director: Tom Beesley
Rebellion UI/UX Lead: Sebastian Hickey
UI Team: Adriaan Scheepers, Hannah O'Hare, Randolph Booth, Juan Albamonte, Jonah Buckley
Additional UI work: Imre Fulop (previous Lead), Chris Johnson, Karla Lozano, Hend Zaky
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